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Operating out of the ancient city of Jeddah on the coast of the Red Sea, the Saudi Geological Survey places the expertise of Saudi geologists at the service of the general public as well as of private enterprise.




The pictures below show the SGS Cave Unit in action.



Mahmoud Al-Shanti, Director of the SGS Cave Unit and Desert Studies Program, training his son Ahmed.

Saeed Al-Amoudi, geologist, admiring formations inside B32 Cave, which measures over a km in length.

Abdulrahman Al-Jouid with a human skull which he found inside Hibashi Cave.

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Maher Idris, Vice-President of the Saudi Geological Survey, speaking to visitors at a recent exhibit on Saudi geology, held in King Abdulaziz City for Technology and Science, Riyadh.

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The SGS geological exhibit featured pictures of Saudi Arabia's most interesting caves. Visitors were amazed that such beauty can be found beneath a barren desert.

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Plenty of holes to go around! SGS geologists and friends at the entrances to UPM Cave, first explored by Scientists from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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International exploration: Lars Bjurstrom (Sweden), Waddia Kashkari and Mohammed Halawani (Saudi Arabia) and Marc Lamontagne (Canada) under one of the many spectacular stalactite displays in Surprise Cave.

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Waddia Kashkari, John Pint and Saeed Al-Amoudi belaying Mohammed Halawani (on the other end of the line).

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Waddia Kashkari of the Saudi Geological Survey in Dahl Murubbeh's Clubhouse Room (50 meters long) .

Dr. Maher Idris, Vice-President of SGS dons his helmet inside Mossy Cave on the Summan Plateau.


jc90.jpg (62183 bytes)

SGS geologist Mohammed Halawani pointing out boxwork formations to his student, Saeed Al-Amoudi, in the Twilight Zone of Dahl Murubbeh .

For a report and more pictures from a recent SGS expedition, see:

SGS Cave Unit Field Trip I

Photos courtesy of

John and Susy Pint
Lise Roussel
Maher Idris
Marc Lamontagne
Lars Bjurstrom
Greg Gregory