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Eduardo del Río

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From Los Supermachos
“The Legion of Decency banned it.”
“Must be a good movie!”

 From Supermachos number 36

Toros Si
Bulls yes, Bullfighters no!

La Panza es Primero
The Belly Comes First, one of Rius’s best sellers, led to the proliferation of health-food stores everywhere in Mexico, including small towns.


Self-portrait by Rius

 Self-portrait by Rius







John Pint interviews the Father of Los Supermachos and Los Agachados

Click for PDF: Rius Interviewed by John Pint

On July 8, 2017, prize-winning Mexican cartoonist Eduardo del Río died in the town of Tepoztlán, Morelos. During his life he published around 120 books, all of them educational, and all featuring a unique style which has captivated Mexican readers for decades

In 1990, John Pint interviewed Rius for The Comics Journal. Click here to read Who's This Rius?



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